The Selati Game Reserve is a 27 000 ha private reserve of unique biodiversity and unmatched beauty situated in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Founded in 1993 through the collaborative effort of landowners in the area who shared a common vision, the Reserve plays a vital role in conserving and enhancing the wildlife heritage of South Africa.

Our vision and purpose is clear: to create an enduring legacy by conserving and enhancing the biodiversity of the ecosystem through the astute and sustainable management of resources.

Breeding Programmes

Sable Breeding

Well known for their role in pioneering sable breeding in South Africa, the Selati Game Reserve stands for ethical and sustainable breeding of sable antelope. Their successful programme ensures the breeding of high quality animals with superior horn length.
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PhD on Carnivores

In 2016 the Selati Game Reserve, in collaboration with the University of Rhodes, embarked on a study to determine how the current carnivore regime interacts between species and the influence they exert on their prey species.

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Recent News

Community Empowerment

The Selati Game Reserve sold 373 impala, 19 kudu, 6 waterbuck, 129 wildebeest and 11 zebra as part of the Reserve’s community empowerment programme.  Animals sold to the Greater Balepye Reserve created an environment for the community to realise business opportunities within the wildlife industry.